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  • LEGO ID account Terms of Service
    Updated: December 15, 2011

    What is a LEGO ID account and how it can be used

    We have introduced one common profile platform (LEGO ID) which is usable across different LEGO online applications. LEGO ID is your passport to a whole world of experiences on LEGO.com.

    Once you have created your LEGO ID account, you can use it for all LEGO.com applications that require a login:

    Creating & Sharing

    - Join a network of other LEGO Fans on LEGO.com and post your ideas and views on our message boards (additional requirements may apply).
    - Add your creations to the image galleries.
    - Participate in competitions.
    - Play online games (additional requirements may apply).
    - Get involved in more fun things as LEGO.com grows and changes.

    Shopping (for adult users)

    - Have a fast and easy shopping experience.
    - Join the LEGO VIP Program, collect points and find out about exclusive VIP offers and promotions.
    - Keep track of your orders and see your order history.
    - Find out about the latest sales and special offers.

    Who can create a LEGO ID account

    LEGO ID is free of charge and anyone can setup an account.
    A LEGO ID account may be created by children and adults alike, but when younger children sign-up, we will, as a general rule, collect personal data from the parents or legal guardian of the child rather than the child.

    As children online safety is a priority on LEGO.com, younger children will be asked to provide their parent or legal guardian’s e-mail address. The parent or legal guardian will then receive a LEGO ID account activation e-mail and will be asked to activate the account.

    What information is required to create a LEGO ID account

    In order to create a LEGO ID account, we will process personal data such as e-mail address (and a parent or legal guardian e-mail address if the creator is a younger child), birthday, country of residence, and gender. We will also require a password and a username to be created.

    The e-mail address is used for sending account notifications and other system-related information as needed.

    You may be asked to add non-personal information (such as favorite color, food, music, etc.) to your profile. All information you provide is used in order to offer you a relevant and appropriate online experience. Link to Privacy Policy.

    How can a LEGO ID account be updated or deleted

    Your personal details (except for date of birth, gender and parent or legal guardian’s e-mail address) can be updated on the LEGO ID profile page at any time.

    Any LEGO ID account can be deleted at any given time by its owner (special requirements may apply in case the account has any value attached).

    LEGO ID Linked Accounts

    "Linked accounts" is an optional feature, available for certain applications.

    By linking children’s LEGO ID accounts with parents or legal guardians' LEGO ID accounts, we enable more substantial parental control over the child’s online activities. In doing so, however, it is extremely important that we can verify the relationship between the child and the parent or legal guardian to whose LEGO ID the child’s LEGO ID is to be linked.

    For this reason, we will process personal data in regards to the parent or legal guardian such as first and last name, mailing address, date of birth and a more reliable type of offline ID number (e.g. driver’s license number or social security number, personal identification number or the like) varying by jurisdiction.

    We will transfer these data to an external service provider, which will perform the validation for us. Validation services will be performed under a written contract between us and the service provider.

    We will not store personal data collected for the validation in our archives. The result we receive back will be a "match" (in which case the child's and the parent or legal guardian's LEGO ID accounts will be linked) or a "no match" (in which case the LEGO ID accounts will not be linked, until and unless an appropriate relationship between the child and the applicant has been established otherwise).

    The external service provider will process and store the personal data submitted by us strictly for documentation purposes.

    Acceptance of LEGO ID terms

    As a LEGO ID account holder, you agree: (1) that you will not create more than one LEGO ID account; (2) that you understand that the use of an indecent screen name, profanity, and language and/or images that are considered obscene and generally improper will not be tolerated; (3) that you will not use or manipulate any of the games, message boards or mailing areas of LEGO.com in inappropriate ways; and (4) that you will not alter any LEGO.com software or code.

    A failure to comply with the above may lead to suspension or a permanent ban of a LEGO ID account at the discretion of the LEGO.com team.

    Effective date: 15th December 2011